July 2005 SIGGRAPH Cyber Fashion Show, Los Angeles, USA
June 2006 CHI, Los Angeles, USA
July 2006 SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, Boston, USA[link]
September 2006 Interactive Tokyo, Tokyo, JAPAN
September 2007 Wakita lab Exhibition 07, Tokyo, JAPAN[link]
June 2009 HCI, San Diego
July 2009 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, Tokyo, JAPAN[link]


September 2006 Mainichi Communications [link]
September 2007 AFPB News [link] [link]
October 2007 TV TOKYO's show "World Business Satelite"
October 2007 The NIKKEI SANGYO Shimbun
October 2007 Nippon Television's show "NEWS24"
2008 Cracking the Colour Code aka Le Monde des Couleurs [link]
2008 "TransMaterial"[link]
November 2009 ITmedia [link]

International Conference

Wearable Fashion Group at Keio University, Wearable Synthesis, ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Cyberfashion Show, 3 August, 2005.
Akira Wakita and Midori Shibutani, "Mosaic Textile: Wearable Ambient Display with Non-emissive Color-changing Modules", full paper, to appear in ACM CHI ACE 2006.
Midori Shibutani and Akira Wakita, Fabcell : Fabric Element, ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies, 2006.
Akira Wakita, Midori Shibutani, Kohei Tsuji, "Emotional Smart Materials" HCI 2009