Fabcell: Color-changing textile for personal fabrication in fashion

Fabcell module was originally designed as an inevitable material for a new fashion in the near future.

Fabcell module, a color changing textile was created in the process of thinking of possibilities for personal fabricaiton in the field of fashion.

Personal Fabrication is the concept of the fabrication by digitalized process
It means that the fabrication which used to achieved by manufactures, will be getting more personal.
In the near future, this paradigm shift will enable to change industrial structure, the consumer syle and design.

We envision personal fashion fabrication to be similarly on the horizon.
While we design Module based Fashion and Fabcell Dress, we think about an integrated fashion production environment and clothing by one.

Fabcell and Module Based Fashion

Smart Grid Substrate + 8 Fabcells

Fabcell and Module Base Fashion

Long Skirt

Smart Grid Substrate + 7 Fabcells

Fabcell and Module Based Fashion


Smart Grid Substrate + 5 Fabcells

Fabcell and Module Based Fashion

Module Based Fashion is an integrated production environment which enables anyone to make fashion items easily, which is one of a new fashion style with Fabcell.

Module Based Fashion consisnts of Smart Grid Substrate and Fabcell modules and a software.
By combining these electronic textile modules, wearers can make clothings on their own without special knowledge of clothing.

First, users forms a clothing by Smart Grid Substrate.
Smart Grid Substrate is a black piece of cloth, which have male and female hooks attached in a matrix manner.
Connecting to these hooks, users can create skirt , shawl , jacket or whatever they may desire.

Next, users create a pattern of clothing by attaching Fabcell modules.
In Smart Grid Substrate and Fabcell modules, conductive yarn are woven and hooks are arranged.
If both textiles are connected by hooks, it is possible to create a pattern of the clothing and make the color of Fabcell modules change.

Fabcell and Module Based Fashion

Users can change the color of Fabcell modules as pattern of the clohting, by transferring the program of color changing which is made by software.
According to the program, users can set the color of textile not only to a specific color, but also a color changing dynamically.

Fabcell and Module Based Fashion

FML data as the process for created the clothing is stored in Smart Grid Substrate automatically. Through the software, it is possible to communicate with users by sharing FML.

The process of making clothing including the shape of clothing by Smart Grid Substrate, the layout of Fabcell modules, the program of color changeing textiles, is automatically stored as FML(Fashion Markup Language)data. Some users can distribute FML which were created when they made clothing on their taste .
Others can download FML and make the clothing, reffering from it.
FML can be also shared online through the software and allows users to make clothing easily.

Fabcell Dress -Downloadable Fashion-

Fabcell Dress is made by 100 Fabcell modules. We present the clothing which enable wearer to download and transfered the pattern data on their taste.

As you can see ipod and Kindle,
the electronic devices allow consumers to dounload music and ekectronic-books online recently.
Similary, by the clothing constructed only with Fabcell modules, digital images can be transfered on to textiles.

While some can design their original pattern and transfer them onto Fabcell clothing, the others can download the data, shared at the designer's community online.


Fabcell and Module Based Fashion

Design&Creation : Midori Shibutani,Wakita Lab Keio University
Special Thanks: Tomoko Sekiguchi, Hikaru Taniguchi(Model)

Fabcell Dress

Design&Creation : Midori Shibutani, Wakita Lab Keio University
Special Thanks: Kohei Tsuji, Nobuhiro Kobayashi,

Fabcell: Color-changing textile for personal fabrication in fashion

My master's degree thesis at Keio University, Wakita Lab.

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